Austin Bentley is a Security Analyst who works at Commerce Bank in Kansas City, Missouri. Information security and programming are his lifelong passions. He is a self-described tinkerer, who has more ideas than time.

Work Experience

  • Commerce Bank (January 2018 - current)
    • Austin currently works as a Security Analyst, performing Application Security related tasks. When AppSec is light, Austin works on programming security automation projects and assists with vulnerability tracking.
    • Before moving to IT Security, Austin was an Associate Software Developer for a year. Development experience included C#/.NET and Java middleware.
  • Cerner (Summer 2017)
    • Austin had a summer internship at Cerner, where he developed and finished an addon to a legacy C++ MFC application. Before working on the MFC portion, it required a new Java middleware call which extensively pulled data from legacy databases.
  • Missouri University of Science and Technology (September 2015 - December 2017)
    • Austin was a Computer Science tutor, in both large gatherings and 1-1s. Austin tutored for the following classes:
      • Introduction to Programming (C++)
      • Data Structures (C++)
      • 8051 Microcontroller Programming (Assembly and C)


In 2017, Austin graduated from Missouri University of Science and Technology (UM-Rolla) with a Bachelor’s in Computer Science.

In 2019, Austin obtained a CEH certification.


He can be reached via email at, or LinkedIn.

Resume is available on request.